Breast Surgery

Arguably no part of a woman’s anatomy defines her femininity and her persona quite like her breasts. As one of Australia’s foremost and respected plastic surgeons for breast surgery with over 20 years experience, Dr Buckland offers women a reassuring sense of confidence, particularly for those affected by breast cancer. So before considering your body profile, review the profile of a highly qualified surgeon who can help achieve your goals.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

The unfortunate effects of age, gravity, weight loss, breastfeeding, even childbirth, can result in sagging, less shapely breasts. A breast lift can help you achieve a firmer, more youthful figure, elevating your bustline and lifting your inner confidence at the same time. Here’s how.

A breast lift or ‘mastopexy’ is a procedure which elevates a sagging bustline by removing excess skin from the lower portion of the breast. This has the effect of raising, reshaping and increasing the firmness of your breasts. The nipple/areola complex is repositioned or sometimes reduced in size to achieve a more youthful, natural appearance. You also have the option of having implants inserted in conjunction with the procedure to increase breast volume.

Since every woman is an individual, every breast operation is unique. Dr Buckland has earned an enviable reputation for breast surgery and has performed numerous procedures in leading hospitals across Sydney. Dr Buckland believes it’s essential for women considering breast surgery to be fully informed. An honest and open consultation with Dr Buckland will help you decide what is right for your individual circumstances, body shape and desired outcome.

Naturally your decision to have surgery should not be taken lightly, and Dr Buckland will be more than happy to answer the many questions you probably have, and to help you decide whether a breast lift is right for you. Further information on breast lift surgery is just a phone call away, simply contact our helpful staff for an appointment on 02 8969 2400.

What Is Involved?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic in hospital as either a day surgery procedure or an overnight stay and takes around 2-3 hours. During your consultation Dr Buckland will advise what technique will produce the best outcome for your breast and body shape.

Depending on the amount of drooping (also referred to as ‘ptosis’) and the amount of extra skin you have, the operation can begin using either a vertical pattern or an inverted “T” incision. The nipple is repositioned into the centre of the breast, while the breast itself is reshaped to achieve a more youthful, shapely figure.

The procedure is performed to maintain sensation, blood flow and the connections to the milk ducts, meaning that breast feeding is still possible later on.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For A Breast Lift?

Women who are physically and emotionally healthy, have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery, and who understand the risks and benefits of the procedure are ideal candidates for a breast lift. The best results are usually achieved in women as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or breast feeding.

Does It Reduce Or Eliminate Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are scars resulting from skin being stretched. After a breast lift, certain stretch marks will be eliminated with the removal of the extra skin, especially in the lower part of the breast, while those on the upper breast will remain. However, any stretch marks still evident may be tightened and will appear slightly smoother.

What Happens After The Operation?

The wounds are closed with internal dissolving sutures to minimise scarring. Waterproof dressings are used, so you’ll be able to shower normally once you are up and about. It will be possible to return to most jobs one week after the surgery. However we recommend you reduce any lifting, straining, reaching and upper body exercise for a month afterwards.

Will Any Scarring Be Visible?

Scars are an inevitable result of surgery. But as a highly accomplished and immensely qualified plastic surgeon, Dr Garry Buckland has the skills to keep them to a minimum and help conceal scars within the natural lines and creases of the skin. It’s a fact of nature that scars fade over time, and Dr Buckland will advise you of techniques to further reduce any long-term effects. For more information on breast lift surgery please contact our helpful staff for an appointment on 02 8969 2400.

Vectra 3D Imaging

We have Vectra 3D Imaging Technology available at our Mosman rooms which provides patients with a 3D simulation of breast procedures and the results which are achievable.

There is an informative 2-minute video clip available to patients on request. While it is not available on the website, patients will find this demonstration of Vectra 3D Imaging particularly informative in helping understand mastopexy.