Breast Surgery

Arguably no part of a woman’s anatomy defines her femininity and her persona quite like her breasts. As one of Australia’s foremost and respected plastic surgeons for breast surgery with over 20 years experience, Dr Buckland offers women a reassuring sense of confidence, particularly for those affected by breast cancer. So before considering your body profile, review the profile of a highly qualified surgeon who can help achieve your goals.


We don’t always grow into the body profile we desire. For certain men, excess volume above (on top of) the pectoral muscles can be a source of embarrassment and emotional discomfort. So when nature or personal endeavours have failed to deliver the body profile you seek, gynaecomastiacan help, boosting your levels of confidence and rebuilding your self esteem.

It’s a little known fact that 40 to 60% of the adult male population is afflicted with a certain degree of ‘gynaecomastia’- a term which loosely translated means ‘women-like breasts’. Gynaecomastia can be emotionally challenging for a man or boy and most commonly becomes evident during puberty.

It’s remarkably common, as up to 90% of adolescent boys will develop some form of male breast enlargement, which is resolved in the majority of men as they grow into adulthood. Yet for others, residual breast tissue does not go away during puberty. There are even instances where certain drugs (prescription and “recreational”) and hormonal medical problems can cause gynaecomastia.

Fortunately Dr Buckland offers a solution. Gynaecomastia surgery involves removing fat or some glandular tissue from the breasts, or both. In extreme cases, excess skin is removed as well, resulting in a firmer, flatter, better-contoured and more masculine chest. Which means you no longer need to feel self-conscious about this condition.

Dr Buckland offers a solution as a leader in male breast reduction surgery. Naturally you’ll want to find out more, so we invite you to a personal consultation with Dr Buckland. You’ll find him easy to talk to in utmost confidence, simply contact our staff today to make an appointment.

What’s Involved?

The procedure involves an incision around the nipple followed by liposuction which removes excess breast tissue, resulting in the optimum chest profile. Gynaecomastia is performed under general anaesthetic, typically in the one day or sometimes requiring an overnight stay in hospital.

How Is Scarring Minimised?

Scars are an inevitable result of surgery, but as a highly skilled, highly-qualified plastic surgeon, Dr Garry Buckland has the skills and the level of training to keep scarring to a minimum. To ensure scars are as inconspicuous as possible, Dr Buckland places them along natural skin lines and creases. Scars do fade over time and you’ll be advised of effective treatments to further reduce the long-term effects.

What Happens During The Recovery Process?

You will go home with a compression garment on your chest. If drains are used they will be removed a day or two after the surgery. It is not a particularly painful procedure and oral pain killers are more than sufficient to control any discomfort.

Vectra 3D Imaging

We have Vectra 3D Imaging Technology available at our Mosman rooms which provides patients with a 3D simulation of breast procedures and the results which are achievable.

There is an informative 2-minute video clip available to patients on request. While it is not available on the website, patients will find this demonstration of Vectra 3D Imaging particularly informative in helping understand mastopexy.