Breast Surgery

Arguably no part of a woman’s anatomy defines her femininity and her persona quite like her breasts. As one of Australia’s foremost and respected plastic surgeons for breast surgery with over 20 years experience, Dr Buckland offers women a reassuring sense of confidence, particularly for those affected by breast cancer. So before considering your body profile, review the profile of a highly qualified surgeon who can help achieve your goals.

Revisional Breast Surgery

As time has passed, perhaps you want to fine tune a previous implant procedure. Or maybe revisional measures are required after a previous cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Dr Buckland can help.

It may be part of the inevitable aging process, as previous implant may no longer be providing the body profile you desire. In addition, breast implants do have a life expectancy and there have been occasions when issues have arisen.

Revisional surgery of the breast requires the skills and experience of a highly trained and professional surgeon. Dr Buckland’s many years’ experience with revisional breast surgery will offer the assurance you need. After a thorough assessment and planning, and informed discussions of the potential risks and benefits, Dr Buckland will provide you with a considered and realistic approach to your condition. Feel free to contact our friendly staff to arrange a consultation.

Vectra 3D Imaging

We have Vectra 3D Imaging Technology available at our Mosman rooms which provides patients with a 3D simulation of breast procedures and the results which are achievable.

There is an informative 2-minute video clip available to patients on request. While it is not available on the website, patients will find this demonstration of Vectra 3D Imaging particularly informative in helping understand mastopexy.